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Catholic Media Coalition Press Release




Woodstock, VA July 7, 2004

The Catholic Media Coalition issued a statement today commending the action taken by Marc Balestrieri, J.C.L., a Canon lawyer and assistant judge of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles tribunal.  Mr. Balestrieri filed a canon law suit against Senator John F. Kerry charging him with heresy.  The complaint, known in church parlance as a “denunciation,” was filed with the Ecclesiastical Court of the Archdiocese of Boston.  It does not seek monetary damages and is similar to a criminal complaint in civil law. Interested members of the public are invited to sign on as third- party participants.   

The Criminal Complaint alleges that United States Senator John F. Kerry, as a baptized Catholic, has committed a court-martial offense under Canon Law by professing the Right-to-Murder heresy, commonly known as the “Right to choose” doctrine. Mr. Balestrieri charges John F. Kerry with the “public ecclesiastical crime of heresy…abjection of the Sacred Species…and grave harm to public morals and contempt for the faith” as evidenced by his unequivocal public support of abortion and other issues, such as support for same-sex marriage, which are at odds with the Church. Despite his actions, which are in direct contradiction to the constant teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, Mr. Kerry, the presumed Democratic presidential candidate, continues to receive the Sacred Host at Sunday Masses.   

Appearing on the National Eternal Word Television Network’s evening show, The World Over, July 2, 2004, Mr. Balestrieri said he consulted a number of legal scholars, including a Cardinal, about the correctness of the charges and advisability of the suit.  The Cardinal concurred with Mr. Balestrieri’s assessment.  The suit alleges Mr. Kerry’s actions have caused grave harm to public morals and reflect contempt for the Faith. The full text of the complaint may be read at De Fide, . 

The suit further alleges that Mr. Kerry’s personal advocacy by actions and words, his acceptance of the support of the notorious “right to choose” NARAL and Planned Parenthood agencies, and the insertion of abortion into his presidential campaign platform have been deleterious to the public welfare and citizenry of America.  

The heresy suit against Mr. Kerry seeks first of all his conversion and return to the Faith.  Recanting  his support for abortion and a public pronouncement of faith is absolutely necessary, as well as additional penalties and public reparation of harm. Until such time as these actions are taken, Mr. Kerry should be expressly forbidden to receive Holy Communion.  

The Catholic Media Coalition urges the general public to join the class-action law suit as third- party participants. Joining the suit costs nothing and any one may join.  Forms are available on De Fide’s web site. The Catholic Media Coalition believes by joining the class-action suit Catholics will be creating a public opinion that is consistent with our identity as Catholics: that we defend the right to life of every human being, born and unborn, from conception to natural death.

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