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Denying Communion to Catholic Politicians


(June 16, 2004) The Catholic media Coalition (CMC) issued a statement today calling upon all United States bishops to deny Holy Communion to Catholic politicians who openly oppose Church teachings.  Catholic politicians, such as Senator John Kerry, who publicly support abortion, should be advised privately by their local Ordinary that because of their opposition to Church doctrine, they should not present themselves to receive Communion.  If this private admonition fails, and the politician comes forward at Mass to receive the Eucharist, the priest may offer a blessing to him, but should deny him Holy Communion. 

CMC President Mary Ann Kreitzer said, “When Catholic politicians unequivocally reject Church teaching and yet receive Holy Communion, they are committing sacrilege.  They place their souls in grave jeopardy.  Scripture tells us that anyone who receives Communion unworthily brings condemnation upon himself.  They also harm others who may be led astray by this bad example, and they sow confusion among the faithful.” 

Regarding the separation of Church and state, Kreitzer had this to say:  “The Catholic Church is not telling John Kerry how to vote, but is simply reminding him of the consequences he can expect when he publicly champions abortion.  He is free to vote as he pleases.  But he is not free to receive Communion afterwards.” 

Kreitzer urged all United States Catholic bishops to follow the examples of Bishops Raymond Burke, Fabian Bruskewitz, Michael Sheridan, John Myers, Thomas Wenski, Alfred Hughes and others who have publicly stated their opposition to pro-abortion politicians receiving Holy Communion.  “We need bishops with backbone,” Kreitzer said.  “The bishops have a holy duty to protect the Sacraments and to admonish those who persist in public, obstinate error.  When they fail in this duty, they reveal that their lack of courage and personal conviction.  

The CMC website ( contains further information about politicians and Communion.  See especially Barbara Kralis’ article, “A Primer on Canon 915.”  The Catholic Media Coalition is a national association of independent writers, websites and newsletters dedicated to upholding the Catholic Faith.  Contact them at 

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