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Membership Agreement

Each person who becomes a member of CMC should understand that the organization is fully committed to the orthodox teachings of the Catholic Church, as proclaimed by the Magisterium.  It is expected that all CMC members accept the Magisterium as the authoritative teacher of the Catholic Faith, and assent to all it teaches.    

The person filing this application is responsible for making this commitment known to any additional members from their organization.

If you agree with the following CMC Membership Agreement please sign and date on bottom.  

1.       Membership: Membership of organizations and writers in the Catholic Media Coalition will be contingent on their agreement to the Catholic Media Coalition’s Principles, Code of Conduct and Mission Statement (see below) and upon acceptance of their application.

 2.       Membership Principles:

        ·    We welcome all practicing Catholic members of the media who are loyal to the Magisterium.

 3.       Code of Conduct: Each organization is asked to read and agree to a moral framework appropriate for media before being accepted into the Catholic Media Coalition. The Code of Conduct states:

 ·         “Communication must always be truthful.”* As a communicator, I and the organization I represent, are committed to telling the truth as accurately as possible – not merely what I believe to be true, but what I have meticulously substantiated as the truth.  We are also prepared and willing to provide the substantiating evidence of our assertions to responsible parties.

·         Media in service to the Church “should be committed to communicating the fullness of the truth about the meaning of human life and history, especially as it is contained in God’s revealed word and expressed in the teaching of the Magisterium.”*  I, and the organization I represent, are committed to defending Church Teaching – not as we wish it to be, but as it has always been: written, verifiable, and consistent in Her authentic and approved documents, including Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, together constituting the Deposit of Faith. [LG #3].   We emphatically reject private or personal interpretation of these teachings.

·         “The right of expression must be exercised with deference to revealed truth and the Church’s teaching, and with respect for others’ ecclesial rights.” * I, and the organization I represent, are committed to charity in all of our acts.  Charity demands that:

-          Serious wrongdoing is always confronted.

-          Serious wrongdoing is exposed when necessary.  Biblical principles of first speaking privately with the offender, then bringing in a witness, and only as a last resort bringing the issue before the Church (either by contacting superiors within the hierarchy or by carrying the information into the public domain) will be followed whenever it is feasible. 

-          Consideration will always be given to the conversion of the offender (can an avenue of “dialogue” be opened between us?  Will he accept information?)

-          All temptations to sensationalize scandal or to magnify error for its own sake (or to sell copy, etc.) will be scrupulously avoided.  Likewise, actions that are designed to generate hostility or conflict for their own sake must be rejected.

-          All effort to depersonalize issues will be made, wherever possible.  (e.g. It is preferable to describe and contend with a person’s words and actions rather than to impute motives.)

-          Immoral methods of acquiring information will be eschewed.

-          Blanket generalizations and stereotypes are avoided (e.g. all bishops think…or, the bishops do…)

-          Calumny, slander, ad hominem attacks, and detraction must be avoided.

*  Members of CMC are encouraged to read the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, “Ethics in Communication,” June 4, 2000. Quotations in the above Code of Ethics have been taken from this document.

4.       Mission Statement: To report truthfully about the Catholic Church and to defend, foster, and spread authentic Catholic faith and culture.

5.       Dues: Membership in CMC is $24 annually for individuals and $36 annually per organization.  The organization membership includes the organization’s applicant (yourself) plus two members.  Dues for additional members are $12 annually per individual.  The Annual Renewal Date for Membership is April 15.   New Members applying after that date may pro-rate their dues for their first year.

Please send all CMC membership info including your check to:

Catholic Media Coalition Membership

4877 S. Meadow Ridge Dr.

Green Valley, AZ 85614

Please allow about 2 weeks for approval and notification by CMC.  We will contact you by email or snail-mail.  

If you have any questions about the Membership Procedure, please email  webmaster@catholicmediacoalition.org

  1. The benefits of membership in CMC include: 

a.        The opportunity to work with fellow Catholics

b.        The ability to give national exposure to pertinent local issues

c.        Access to a clearinghouse of information and resources

d.        The possibility of linking local websites to the national CMC website

e.        Participation in the CMC email loop, contingent upon the guidelines of the loop moderator


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