Letter to Senator Brownback

Dear Senator Brownback,

As a member of the Catholic Church, personally involved in a pro-life education and crisis pregnancy ministry, I am seriously concerned about Senator John McCain's understanding of the moral evil of destructive human embryonic research. Pro-Life America will resist supporting McCain's run for the Presidency if he does not clearly condemn the practice of destructive human embryonic research.

It is clear to me, Sir, that you are fully informed about the evil of legalizing human embryonic research and a strong advocate for safeguarding the lives of embryonic humans. Sacrificing the lives of embryonic humans for the sake of scientific discovery and medical reseach is an abomination. Is it not incumbent on any man or woman of principle running for political office where he or she will be in a position  to decide the legality of this heinous practice to be well informed about not only the technical, but, more importantly, the ethical considerations of such research? Should a man or woman informed by their Christian faith and/or the natural moral law not then be guided by human reason to discern good and evil, cognizant of the 5th commandment of the Decalogue when considering laws pertaining to the destruction of human life?

As members of the Catholic Church we are guided by magisterial teaching authority (See Catechism of the Catholic Church, para 77)  in matters of moral ethics. According the authoritative Instruction on Respect for Human Life in Its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation (Donum Vitae,1987), "Human life must be absolutely respected and protected from the moment of conception". (Donum Vitae, Section I: Respect for Human Embryos)

Senator McCain has taken the position that destroying human embryos is acceptable where there's hope of some potential  positive end brought about by medical research. According to fairly recent news reports, you have been attempting to influence Senator McCain's  views on this critically important issue. This is of course a laudable  spiritual work of mercy ("Instruct the uninformed or ignorant"). We, as Catholics, understand that supporting or promoting an "intrinsic moral evil" such as the killing of embryonic human life is always without exception morally wrong. A "potentially" good end never justifies the evil means. (see CCC, para. 1749-1756)

Senator Brownback, in good conscience, I cannot support at this time Restore America PAC's fundraising campaign on behalf of Senator John McCain. As the PAC's

honorary chairman, you approve the organization's admirable governing principles which include this statement on your Restore America PAC website: " As a nation, we have an obligation to protect innocent life from the moment of conception until natural death." You of all pro-life U.S. Senators know that killing embryonic humans does not fulfill this obligation. I pray that in the near future you will be successful in convincing Senator McCain to correct his position on legalizing human embryonic research and I thank you for your efforts.


Phil Sevilla
Executive Director
Project Defending Life
Albuquerque, NM

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