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The Vortex

The Catholic Circular Firing Squad

by Jim Fritz

Best and Worst Practices: Abandoning 200 Years of Christian Charity
by Stephanie Block

CCHD Section

The Life and Mission of a Liberationist Priest

by Stephanie Block

Saints for the Month

St. St. Louis of France
August 25

King of France at the age of twelve, he had been religiously brought up by his mother, Blanche of Castile. Throughout his life he remained deeply devout and as a king his conduct was that of a real saint. He devoted himself to the affairs of his kingdom and to those of Christendom and was a great peacemaker — kings and princes constantly sought his aid in settling disputes. . . . . More

St. Robert Bellarmine
September 17th

The son of noble parents, he entered the Society of Jesus, finishing his theological studies at Louvain, Belgium. His services to the Church were outstanding and many. He occupied the chair of controversial theology in Rome. He defended the Holy See against anti-clericals. He wrote books against the prevailing heresies of the day. . . . . . More

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