CCHD – 2015

The Marxist Core of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Think Again Before Contributing to Catholic Charities

CCHD – 2014

“Just Say No!” to the CCHD Collection

Defending the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

CCHD – 2013

Author of Soros-funded CCHD defense stands by report despite bevy of omissions and errors

Mob Scene In Texas Legislature - CCHD's Hand In It

  • CCHD Flyer
  • CCHD Flyer (short version)
  • CCHD Power-Point Presentation

  • CCHD – 2011

    Introduction – Funding AMOS

    CCHD 2011: Part I–Guilt by Association – Funding the Idaho Community Action Network

    CCHD 2011: Part 2 –Guilt by Association – Funding the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP)

    CCHD 2011: Part 3 –The American Life League Report

    CCHD 2011: Part 4 –Changing the Way Christians Understand “Church” – Funding Omaha Together One Community (OTOC)

    CCHD 2011: Part 5 –Taxing Issues – Funding DuPage Sponsors and Lake County Sponsors

    CCHD 2011: Part 6 –Working Wisconsin – Funding the Alinskyites

    CCHD 2011: Part 7 –New Mexico – Somos Un Pueblo Unido

    CCHD 2011 – Without Substance

    CCHD Reformed? – NOT!

    Catholic Campaign for Human Development: Isn’t it reassuring that some things never change?

    USCCB’s Lame Defense of the CCHD

    What Is the Catholic Campaign for Human Development Trying to Do?


    CCHD: It's All about Funding Alinsky Groups, Not Helping the Poor!

    Information Concerning CCHD Grantees

    Open Letter to the US Bishops

    Alinskyian Organizing

    The Systemic Wars: CCHD funded Change Agents

    Picking Pockets in the Pew—the CCHD Scandal

    Dissing the Organizer: Obama, ACORN, and Catholic Action

    The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost:
    Obama, ACORN, and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

    How to Shoot Yourself
    One of the Most Potent Weapons Serving the Culture of Death

    Credible Signs of Christ Alive:
    Case Studies from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

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