Mob Scene In Texas Legislature - CCHD's Hand In It

By Janet Baker

Last night (June 25, 2013) the Texas State Senate was to vote on SB 5, which would have forbade abortions past 20 weeks in Texas. Pro-abortion State Senator Wendy Davis conducted an 11-hour filibuster to prevent the vote. According to their protocol, if procedures are violated 3 times, the filibuster is declared over. When Davis committed her third foul, that's when pro-abortion spectators in the gallery started making boors and hyenas of themselves. They did so deliberately to prevent the vote, impeding legislative order. As this series of tweets shows, Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, egged on the debacle; she probably picked up some important "mob-action" tips from her SEIU-bigwig husband. In that link is a youtube showing the pro-aborts, in orange shirts, howling and cackling away.

The above happened during a special session called by Governor Rick Perry. Today he announced another special session to resume the business that was interrupted in typical progressive community-organizing fashion. I congratulate him and trust that the rule of law will prevail.

But now comes the revelation of the ties between Wendy Davis and - wait for it! - Catholic Campaign for Human Development. I had learned of this two years ago, but it slipped my memory until some Facebook posts jogged my memory. Here is a post by Creative Minority Report from two years ago. During her 2008 campaign for office, Davis had the assistance of Ralph McCloud as her campaign treasurer. This was during (not before,not after but during) his first year as head of the CCHD. Of course everyone on this list has seen various pieces of campaign material: flyers, yard signs, etc. By law they all bear the name of the campaign treasurer: meaning that everyone knew that McCloud was associated with a proponent of abortion. Read the CMR link for more details, including alleged hanky-panky. To this day McCloud is still head of the CCHD. McCloud helped facilitate this woman's election - and her subsequent shilling for the murders of babies as exemplified in her filibuster. Can we trust this man with one penny of Catholic donations? Of course not!

So we have yet one more reason to boycott the CCHD collections within the next few months. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if more "reasons" pop out of the woodwork.

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