It's time to stand up to liberal hate speech. If you haven't heard about Bill Maher's disgusting assault on the pope you can watch it and respond at Media Research Center's Culture and Media Institute.

Please view the video and take action. That anyone could laugh at this indicates that anti-Catholic bigotry is alive and well in the U.S.

You can see my letter below.

Mary Ann Kreitzer


Dear Time Warner:

Bill Maher demonstrates that liberal atheists are intolerant hatemongers. Why doesn't he go after the NEA and its head. There's a bigger buggery problem in the athesistic public schools than in the Catholic Church. Or is his real agenda attacking religion? In view of his past assaults on the Church, that seems to be the case.

Bill Maher owes every Catholic an apology. He uses innuendo and outright lies for his "humor" and I suspect Catholics aren't the only ones who are sick of it. To call the Catholic Church "a cult" is to insult every Catholic and to treat us like the mindless followers of Jim Jones.

Frankly, I think those who listen to and laugh at Maher's blather are more accurately called "cult followers," a cult of hate for all things religious.

Give the guy a roll of duct tape for his mouth...after he apologizes.


Mary Ann Kreitzer

See article:

Bill Maher Insults Pope

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