By George Vélez

Throughout Lent, we are asked to fast and abstain from eating meat. We are asked to make sacrifices for the betterment of our souls. We are asked to pray and reflect on our lives and on the passion of our Lord. Unfortunately, many do not grasp the reasons and ask, “What's the point?” Or so it appears. Shrugging their shoulders, they continue on their way as though all is well. Whether through ignorance or indifference, they have turned their backs on God’s greatest gift to His children on earth.

At the foot of the cross stood Jesus' mother, Mary, in great pain as she gazed upon her beloved son. The one whom she had kissed, hugged and comforted as a child was now hanging, beaten and lifeless, on the cross. But she knew. She knew from the moment she said, “Let it be done to me according to your word,” (Luke 1:38) that she would have to give up her precious son. For our sake, she watched Him suffer and die for us.

Uncomprehending, uncaring, many of us ignore the most important event in human history and to turn away from the Mother of God, saying, “Your son's death was no big deal.” If we are among the guilty ones, let us, through devout prayer, overcome our apathy and no longer turn away from our Lord Jesus and his Blessed Mother, but rather, embrace them. Let us help others embrace them, consecrating ourselves to their Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.

Remember, if we find it hard to fast and abstain now, how can we ever expect to endure any of the greater spiritual hardships we may be called on to face in this life!

George Vélez

George Vélez is from New York City, a member of Defenders of the Holy Trinity, a member organization of Defenders of The Faith.

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