Comparison of Auschwitz to the Abortion Holocaust

We Will Remember: How Being Chained to an Abortion Table Saved a Life

It's Rejuvenation Time

Violent Tactics of Abortion Advocates

Abortion Linked to Breast Cancer

The Demonic Nature of "Choice"

Breast Cancer: Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill

by Brian J. Kopp, DPM

     A new book by Altoona's Chris Kahlenborn, MD, has found definite links between abortion, the pill, and recent increases in breast cancer. The book, "Breast Cancer: Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill," reports that a woman who aborts prior to her first full-term pregnancy suffers at least 50 % increased risk. The risk factor increases in women under age 18 at time of abortion and women at least eight weeks pregnant. Women taking the pill before their first child is born experience at least 40 % increased risk. For those taking the pill for four or more years before birth of a first child, the risk factor increases to 72 percent.

     His abortion findings are verified by a study about to be released by the Royal Statistical Society in England that reports British women await a breast cancer 'time-bomb' because of the high abortion rate and low number of children. The paper quotes a study showing that having an abortion before a child, rather than the other way around, increases the chance of breast cancer by up to four times. Abortion, few children, and having one's first child later in life have all been associated with cancer.

     Lawyers, doctors and cancer victims should take note, because the research could have a significant impact. Pro-life groups plan to hold abortion and family planning clinics liable for failing to disclose the risks of breast cancer, through class-action lawsuits similar to those that resulted in multi-billion dollar judgements against the tobacco industry.

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HLI Sponsored Web Site Reveals the Violent Tactics of Abortion Advocates: Beatings, Firebombings, Vandalism on the Rise, But Continue to be Ignored by the Pro-Gay Media

8/26/2003 8:55:00 AM By Karl Maurer - www.proabortionviolence.com

"I was told to antagonize the pro-lifers and I made the girls throw out any pro-life literature before entering the clinic. ... We would tell them, `Those people out there are terrorists, it's safer in here. They're crazy.' I even told one group, `That woman out there was just released from Meadowview Mental Hospital. Don't talk to her; she killed her family'. ... As soon as I got here last August, I joined the "Freedom of Choice Action League." They're big at Pine and Market. Some of them practice witchcraft and sometimes they chalk pentagrams [a Satanic symbol] on the sidewalks. ... I had written about how they openly practice witchcraft and how the clinic director tells us, every time we beat up the pro-lifers, to cover their cameras. ... I wrote [an editorial to the Wichita Eagle] that pro-abortionists displayed sex toys in front of children and how they dumped semen and urine on people at national rescues. I personally defaced churches, LIFE, Inc., and HopeNet. I apologize for that. ... They hate God, they're anti-Christian ... Pro-abortionists are the terrorists, not the pro-lifers. They're the ones throwing bricks through people's windows and doing obscene things. I was shocked when I went to the Crypt to pray and they were screaming and yelling, shouting obscenities, while all the pro-lifers were praying silently." Reformed pro-abortion activist Raymond Rivera

Anyone who has been to a public confrontation between pro-life and pro-abortion activitists knows that the battle is more than one of words and sign waving. Look up and squint, and you can practically see Michael the Arch-angel swinging his saber, driving back the onslaught of wretched, squeeling demons overhead. Raymond Rivera's description of these events may seem extraordinary, but they happen every day all, and are routinely ignorated by the pagan media. That's not news to them. It's only news if the pro-abortionists are the so-called 'victims.'

Human Life International has developed the new site to make known the very real and violent nature of the pro-abortion movement. Here are just a few of the examples from this fact-packed site:

ACTUP and WHAM: Homosexuals and pro-abortionists belonging to the groups ACT-UP and WHAM (Women's Health Action Mobilization) stormed New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral on December 10, 1989, assaulting parishioners, disrupting Cardinal John O'Connor's Mass by screaming and shoving people, and desecrating the consecrated Host by throwing It on the ground and stamping on It. Outside, hundreds of screaming homosexuals burned Cardinal O'Connor in effigy and attacked passersby, all because the Cardinal had refused to toe their immoral "safe sex" line. Some of the placards the homosexuals carried displayed slogans such as; "MARY SHOULD HAVE HAD AN ABORTION; "CHRIST WAS A HOMOSEXUAL;" and "DEATH TO THE CHURCH!" After the invasion of St. Patrick's cathedral, ACT-UP issued a press statement saying that its cause is "... important enough [to allow us] to invade any space, to disrupt any speech."[46] In December of 1990, in defiance of a court order resulting from the attack one year earlier, homosexuals broke into the Mass once again and made off with consecrated Hosts, which they gleefully displayed outside.

"Greater Religious Responsibility": In 1989 and 1990, homosexuals waged a continuing war of vandalism and outright destruction against Catholic churches in Los Angeles. Homosexual attackers calling themselves "Greater Religious Responsibility" claimed responsibility for vicious attacks against Cardinal Roger Mahony, calling him a "murderer" for opposing their "safe sex" programs and for labeling the use of condoms "immoral." They attacked the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption in Los Angeles, desecrating it with bloody-red hand prints and pornographic photographs of perverted sex acts plastered on the windows. ACT-UP posters were pasted everywhere. At St. Catherine's, they nailed a ten-foot cross festooned with plastic penises and used condoms to the church door. They smeared the chancery with animal blood and entrails that appeared to be the products of Satanic sacrifices.

Dykes for Choice: Dr. Chuck McIlhenny was pastor of San Francisco's First Orthodox Presbyterian Church for many years. In 1989, he exercised his Constitutional rights of free speech and assembly and helped engineer the defeat of a domestic partnership law that would have forced the public to accept homosexual immorality by compelling everyone to treat two homosexuals as a family. Anyone who did not willingly comply would be heavily fined or jailed. As one of the city's few politically active pastors, McIlhenny and his family became the focus of intense and vicious homosexual hate. For three years, they received thousands of threatening and harassing phone calls 24 hours a day, and many callers swore to sodomize and kill the McIlhenny's three young daughters. McIlhenny's home and church were firebombed. The arsons culminated in their home being firebombed while they were sleeping inside. In 1990, homosexual groups repeatedly vandalized the church and home with graffiti like "Dykes for Choice," and attacked the crisis pregnancy center housed in the church. Cowardly, skulking homosexuals broke the church's windows so many times the parishioners boarded them up permanently.

In Chicago recently, the janitor of a church was severely beaten only days after the pastor delivered a homily rebuking homosexuals. Last week, two men were arrested vandalizing a fountain at the residence of Francis Cardinal George shortly after he spoke out strongly in support of the pope, the natural law, and against so-called gay marriage. These incidents are escalating to the point where even the liberal media can no longer ignore them.

We encourage all our members to notify their friends of this new site, and to report incidents of pro-abortion violence to the police, and then to www.proabortionviolence.org.

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